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Honestly, our driver, Markos, made our entire Athens trip. He was the driver that picked us up from the airdrome and his attentive and helpful nature made us want to book a tour with him the next day. we were in Athens for 3 days and all 3 days, from a customized Athens tour to a visit to the temple of Poseidon, he tailored to our needs. Would extremely highly suggest him to anyone in need of a taxi in Athens. very Covid complaint and also the friendliest face! thanks Markos.
Mike F.
Business Counsellor
Our driver was waiting for us at CDG was overly useful and wonderful. Two days after our landing in Disneyland, we chose to go to the center of Paris via train, and sadly when we attempted to return all the stations were shut because of a strike. I called the Transfer organization and in around 15 minutes the same driver who had taken us to Disney was close to us and taking us back. On the flight day, once more, as expected, there he was. Have only beneficial things to tell about this organization and the driver.​
Telma D.
Marketing Manager
Great, Great Service! My daughter and I traveled to NYC in August 2020 for 9 days, Jimmy and his team have been incredible! One of my foremost issues became traveling around while within the city due to COVID19, the car had been notably smooth with shields and hand sanitizers. The drivers were very kind and professional! Request Ben or Jimmy if possible!! Thanks a lot, Jimmy!! I will use your service again!!!​

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